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How To Do Neon Lights

So recently, I visited Redbrick Mill in Batley, Yorkshire – “The North’s Leading Destination for Interiors”. I mean, I love Leeds, but, in Batley?…that’s what I thought too… But oh-my-word, I was wrong. The reason I went, to begin with, was because I realllllly wanted to view a bed that I had spotted online and the mill was the address for the only showroom in the North. I was not expecting what else I found.

Little did I know that this place was not just a showroom, but housed EVERYTHING a design girl could ever want to put in a house, money depending unfortunately. I was mostly impressed by the lighting. There was Heals‘ neon, Tom Dixon‘s copper &’s geometrics to name a few. Ooh, I do love me some copper.

Here is a sneak peak of what I found.



Don’t be surprised to find any of these pieces in the interior of our new house,

Eleanor Fay Nicholson aka Life in CMYK x


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