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April Picks: 8 Things to Check Out This Month


Just thought I’d pop by & let you guys know what I’m DIGGIN this month. New kind of post, just trying to make my blog and my instagram unite AS ONE (🙏🏼) so just gonna whack it out there.


1&2. Bralet and sunglasses both from Topshop.

I’m really REALLY getting into casual/soft underwear. Who likes pokey bits of wire under their boob anyway…

3. My new iPhone headphones

Still remains to be the best xmas present ever, the phone, not the headphones, but the headphones are great though, ill stop now

4&5. YSL bronzer and touche éclat

Don’t use these much but when I do, they work a dream

6. White Arizona-style Birkenstock sandals

Not worn these in yet as you can see from the brand-spanking-new look going on. But, trust me, it will happen this Summer.

7. A bronze fossil watch

Also one of the best ever christmas presents, I can wear this watch to go out, to work, for EVERYTHING. Its got a massive face and I love it

8. A Eclectic by Tom Dixon Candle and marble base

This candy gives ‘the smell of red brick & London parks with crocuses and nettles, and the salty smell of the Thames at Dagenham’ What I like best is the copper vessel because GOD KNOWS, I love copper.

Hope you enjoyed,

Ellie x


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