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That Time We Went Snowboarding In Chamonix

So I am now delving into to the realms of travel blogging I guess. Here’s a video that I curated from when I went snowboarding in Chamonix, France. It’s an absolutely breathtaking place, IT BLOWS MY MIND. I actually just showed my dad this video and he is currently proceeding in booking another holiday… It really does just have that effect. The vid is from 2 years ago hence the major difference in hair colour (yes its taken me THAT long to make/upload!). The holiday was my actually my 21st birthday present *spoilt*. It’s times like this when I am truly grateful that my birthday falls in the winter season. SNOW CHICK FOR LYF.

The music I’ve used is ‘Sam Sure – Hunger’. Please buy the track if you love it and what an absolute tune it is.

Eleanor Fay Nicholson x


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