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12 Things That You Realise in Your Final Year at Uni

1. Shit, I didn’t take enough photos in my first few uni years

How will I ever remember how the inside of the Student Union looks?!

2. Oh great, now I’m THAT person who always takes photos

‘Ellie, you love a selfie this year don’t you…’

3. Handing in your dissertation is a massive anti-climax

You literally hand it over and that’s it.

4. Real life does exist

And you have to start thinking about it


What will I do without having 5 months off every year?

6. From now on, seeing friends will be an ACTUAL effort

Wanna see your bestie from dance? Yeah she’s now gonna be 4 hours away…Great

7. You can’t actually buy the gowns that make you Hermione Granger for a day on graduation; they’re rent only…

Wingardium levi-oh-no

8. Freshers look so young!

Did I look like that in first year? How old are they? 12?

9. You didn’t save the student loan like you planned to

‘By the time I finish Uni I’ll have at least £3000 because I’ll save £1000 a year for sure’…

10. You still have no clue what you want to do and everyone is asking you what you want to do

Chill out ok. Where’s the fire?

11. All the hard work is worth it.

If you look at what you’ve actually accomplished, its pretty good tbf.

12. Uni is the best time of your life.

Can I just stay here forever please…

3 thoughts on “12 Things That You Realise in Your Final Year at Uni

  1. I can relate to 6 and 10 the most. I’m scared that I won’t be able to stay in touch with some people. Feels like high school/secondary school all over again. Last time someone asked me what I want to do with my life I told them: “I want to go to Disney Land.” You should have seen their face “that’s not what I meant” yeah I know that’s not what you meant but I don’t have an answer for you :p
    xx Izzy | http://qthee.com/


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