Dress Your Tech / 01

Happy new year everyone! Time to sort out all of the files on your desktop and dress your tech for that fresh year feel. This is my gift to you, a beautiful set of hand-crafted watercolours in those sunset colours I love. Enjoy!

Eleanor x

pink-to-orange-fade-centered-malissa-ryderorange pinks-gold-and-blue-color-form-centered-malissa-ryderall   soft-pink-to-turquoise-fade-centered-malissa-ryder blue extra-soft-pink-to-yellow-fade-centered-malissa-ryderpink

3 thoughts on “Dress Your Tech / 01

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  2. Wow these are really beautiful! I wonder how you make them? I’ve made one my laptop screensaver and in fact I like them so much I might even print one or two off and frame them! Thank you.


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