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Fall Colours 2014: Aluminum PANTONE 16-1107

Hello Everyone,

The second post in my series of colours to look out for this Autumn is dedicated to ‘Aluminum‘. My first was mauve mist, a beautiful pastel.

Aluminum is a futuristic stainless steel shade that serves as a complex neutral.

If there was ever a colour, that I find, was really hard to describe, it’s this one. I can only say, it is like a warm grey and likely to be interpreted as a metallic. In between a slightly dirty light grey and mud is where I would place it.

In fashion, I’m personally looking forward to seeing metallic materials being used and moving through the holographic phase I’ve seen on the high street and onto the more sophisticated use of aluminium-like shades.

aluminum - life in cmyk - pantone aluminum - life in cmyk - pantone


Interior design wise, I feel aluminium represents all things warm nordic winter. I can imagine aluminium being used on walls teamed with fur blankets, thick knits cushions and lit candles in the dark wintery night leading to christmas. On the other hand also, aluminium is close to the colour of some concrete mixes and industrial style home pieces and at the minute, I have a slight obsession with succulents and cacti in concrete pots.


aluminum - life in cmyk - pantone   aluminum - life in cmyk - pantone 

Thanks for reading,

Eleanor Fay Nicholson aka @lifeincmyk x


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