Pineapples, Oooh La Laaa!

Hi everyone,

For some strange reason I am completely in love with pineapples. And I keep seeing them everywhere. Pineapples on fashion prints, pineapples on cushions, pineapples as jewellery. Pineapples, pineapples, pineapples. I think i just said it so much it doesn’t make sense anymore. HOWEVER, what does make sense, is how good this trendy pattern makes you feel and I cannot wait to see more of it this SUMMER. The greens and yellow just look brilliant against the brightness of white and shiny gold.

I’ve made a pinterest board for pineapples here…

Here’s some of my fave uses so far…

lifeincmyk eleanor fay nicholson pineapples

1.Β Beautiful interior cushion, would love to see this used in an exotic style living room- I’m thinking palm springs…

2. A clever woman actually made this pineapple from paper!

3. Just a real life pineapple but on a VERY good looking tea towel, this blogger knows how to style her photography πŸ™‚

4. Topshop bikini obviously. Good choice for the fashion- istas…

5. Another piece from topshop, this time jewellery. Tempted to buy one myself…

6. Finally, a very cool print for a very cool house

Have a pineappley week!

Eleanor Fay Nicholson aka Life in CMYK x


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