Life in CMYK - glitter NV cosmetics

Festival Trend ⍙ Glitter

Hello everyone,

With the festival season coming SOOOOO SOOOONN & Glastonbury upon us, I’m looking at fashion and beauty trends that we can rock this Summer for festivals, and also for that BBQ your having with your best friends. One of the most fun trends that I can think of is GLITTER! And trust me… I definitely had fun with this post!

I teamed up with the absolutely fabulous and totally affordable NV Cosmetics in this post. Check them out on twitter and on their website here. Take a look at what I got up to with my glitter pots below…

Life in CMYK - glitter NV cosmetics


Life in CMYK - glitter NV cosmetics


I was lucky enough to receive AQUA, a beautiful sea blue, PRISM, a snowy white glitter pot and BRONZE, which I was especially feeling and used for this post. No doubt I will be trying them all though, and so when I do, I’ll pop another post up!



Life in CMYK - glitter NV cosmetics

What is REALLY handy is the little built in brush that comes with the pot. I used this little tool for application of glitter under my eye. For general application I just used my finger. It did get everywhere but a glitter would not be a proper glitter without it getting everywhere and you finding it in your bed 2 months later… 🙂

Life in CMYK - glitter NV cosmetics


My perfect festival glitter look would be some under the eye and then around the top of the cheek bone into the forehead, almost acting as a highlighter. I chose BRONZE because it pops really well against my green eyes, but as I say, I will definitley be using all 3 that I was given for the festivals I have lined up.

What I will say, is that it stayed on REEEEEEEEEEEAAAALLY well. It will honestly, last, for.ever.

So I just chilled out and took a load more pictures!

I would highly recommend buying these glitter pots by NV Cosmetics; they are in beautiful shades and completely affordable. Absolutely perfect for the festival season and PLUS, SO MUCH FUN!!

Life in CMYK - glitter NV cosmetics

Life in CMYK - glitter NV cosmetics

Have fun with glitter this festival season!

Eleanor Fay Nicholson aka Life in CMYK x


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