A Nice Cup of Tea…

Hello everyone,

Have i got a special treat for you this week… YES I DOOO. I was lucky enough to meet Rosie & Charles of ‘Teatonics’ on the magical means of twitter a couple of weeks ago and after we got chatting, I learned of the magical ways of tea! Yep, this week, my post is based around the British public favourite… TEA. I was received a beautifully packaged box in the post, providing me with an extremely generous portion of tea. Even if i drank 1 cup of specially formulated mind-awakening yerba mate (grapefruit, citrus, peppermint and rosehips) tea in the morning, and 1 cup of laid-back botanicals (green rooibos, elderflower, chamomile and lavender)  in the evening, EVERYDAY, would last me for 2 WHOLE WEEKS; that’s 28 bags people, very kind!

Teatonics gift boxes are sent by postLife in cmyk - cup of tea

My box arrived looking so quaint! The guys at teatonics had even taken the time to write my ‘Life in CMYK’ CMYK in the corresponding colours. Geeks are with me on this one…. extremely cool… right?! Check my twitter to see… And what a lovely, friendly handwritten message too… Just my kind of people!

Making up orders at the kitchen table

This must be Rosie….. HI ROSIEEEEE. You’re doing a great job of packaging, keep going!

Life in cmyk - cup of tea

And, this is what the packs look like.  FULL to the brim with tea. I’m talking real full.

Breakfast cup of Mind-Awakening Yerba Mate

And this must be Charles…. Hi Charles. Wish I looked that good pouring a brew. Nice knit.

Then it was time to brew! Each packet has instructions on for speciality brewing novices. Mind-awakening brews best at 80 degrees C, so add a touch of water from the tap . Laid back brew simply needs to steep for 2 minutes and done. I chose to use some of my favourite Royal Albert Bone China (I found these pieces in an antique store in Sheffiled; the place was a goldmine) to drink from, because I was feeling extremely whimsical with my special tea & my slippers.

Life in cmyk - cup of tea Life in cmyk - cup of tea

Mind-Awakening Yerba Mate - ingredients

The ingredients look THIS good so guess how they taste…

Life in cmyk - cup of tea Life in cmyk - cup of tea

I wasn’t the only one who tried teatonics teas, there was enough to go around the household, so there we all were, with our lavender smelling goodness, and I thought, what a brilliant time to get some one word reviews…

My mother could not understand the concept of ‘one word’ and so referred to her cup as ‘reminding her of being in the countryside surrounded by flowers’ which i thought was very poetic. Must be the tea.

My boyfriend, Alex, said ‘Relaxing’ which I totally agreed with.

I said ‘Woah! This. Tea. Is. Great.’

I’m starting on the mind-awakening every morning as it gets the metabolism going (health kick, you know…)

Laid-Back Botanicals - ingredientsLife in cmyk - cup of tea

So there we have it, the teatonics experience. And what great one it was.

To get a piece of the action you can find teatonics on Facebook here, Twitter here, Instagram here or email them at info@teatonics.co.uk. To join in with their chat just use the hashtag #myteatime. Thank you Rosie & Charles for the collaboration with me!

Until next time,

Eleanor Fay Nicholson aka Life in CMYK x


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