2 Ways to Rock Nude This Summer.

Hello Colour fans,

This blog post is all about how we can work nude. It’s sometimes a very difficult colour to work with i.e.. correct underwear and finding a shade for your lips that will not make you look like you have none, but where there is a will there’s a way.

My first purchase in this shade came from this pair of shoes that I found. Inspiration for this kind of thing came from the public desire instagram feed – I needed some of that in my life.

Life in CMYK nude sandles

They looked so shiny in the box and I couldn’t wait to get them on! I found that the nude colour worked really well against the white sole and gold buckle.


Life in CMYK nude sandles

Life in CMYK nude sandles

Life in CMYK nude sandles

I am a bit unsure of the plastic texture, kind of cheap-looking, but you have to give these trends a go right? (let me know what you think). The next step was to find something to pair them with! I suggest a pair of blue skinny jeans with a cream floaty chiffon top+ nice shiny necklace… If you have any ideas of what else I could pair these shoes with. Please comment below!

Now, let’s talk nude makeup. I picked this little beauty up at topshop! It’s called ‘Lips in Saint’ and appears a lot more pinky on the website then it is in real life. Unbelievably, this is my first piece of topshop makeup… ever. I normally buy a mix of drug store and the odd high end beauty product so I thought, let’s have a try. I’m not keen on the packaging because I prefer a minimalistic design however, the product goes on like a dream. Take a look.

Life in CMYK nude lipstick topshop

Life in CMYK nude lipstick topshop

Life in CMYK nude lipstick topshop


Do let me know your experiences if you go on to purchase either of these products and also let me know if you are liking nude as a colour. Is it a colour you have a lot of in your wardrobe/makeup?

Thanks for reading and check out my homepage for other colour trends this year,

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Practice Safe Hex,

Eleanor Fay Nicholson AKA Life in CMYK x

2 thoughts on “2 Ways to Rock Nude This Summer.

  1. I started trying nude colors late last year by purchasing two lovely matte lipsticks and a pair of pumps (they make my legs look longer!). So far, I’m loving it because nude seems to go with everything.

    • Yeah, absolutley great at making the legs look longer- always a good thing. I’m not too sure on the lipstick colour myself as it’s a little bit too close to my skin colour but heading in the right direction.. Thanks for commenting x


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