Dip Dye Cushion Tutorial

Hellllllooooo colour lovers,

Welcome to my dip-dye cushion tutorial. Here’s what I did to achieve these looks.

You will need these things:

1. Your pillows cases of choice

2. Rubber gloves

3. Salt

4. Fabric dye of chosen colour (I chose navy blue and freesia yellow)

5. Pretty tray to show them on (not necessary)

6. Plus water

Dip dye cushion

Stage 1

Wash your fabric thoroughly.

Stage 2

Put on your rubber gloves, dissolve your fabric dye in 500ml of warm water

Stage 3

Fill your bowl/sink with approx 6L of warm water, this is about 40ºC

Stage 4

Stir in 250g (5 tbsp) of salt, this is what stops the dye from coming out when you wash it.

Stage 5

Take a skirt hanger from your wardrobe and instead of putting in the whole piece of fabric in the water, attach one end of your pillow case to the hanger and hang from top kitchen cupboard (thats how I did it…. meh?)

Stage 6

Wait 45 minutes minimum for the dye to set in

Stage 7

Quickly and trying to avoid drips, turn the cushion around so that it is hanging by it’s dyed end and watch the excess coloured dye slowly drip down to create the dip dye effect

Stage 8

Leave for another minimum of 45 mins for the dripped ink to set in

Stage 9

Wash thoroughly and hang on washing line to dry!!!

Stage 10

VOILA ENJOY! (Wash separately for first few washes…. just in case)

dip dye cushion

dip dye cushion dip dye cushion  dip dye cushion

Hope you have fun, and check out my dip dye pinterest board!


Eleanor Fay Nicholson AKA Life in CMYK x



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