Spring Green Palette

Hello Colour Lovers, welcome to my Spring Green Palette. B-E-A-utiful isn’t it.

Do let me know if you like it or not with the poll at the bottom of the post. Everyone has an opinion don’t they??… And those who answered ‘no’ to that. You’re too boring to be here anyway =P

First up, Sage green or Comfrey Green as Pantone are calling it. Absolutley in love with this sort of mysterious, mossy green, pairing it with black is a dream… Love the darkness of it, like it’s not letting you on to a little secret it knows. Sneaky.

sage green - life in cmyk

Second is tender shoots; almost the physical representationย of Spring in my mind. It’s more playful and harder to use than sage but a beautiful accent colour alongside white and bronze (my new obsession is bronze; BRONZE EVERYTHING).

tender shoots - life in cmyk

And lastly… sophisticated silver lining. Grey is great to tone down and calm any palette. I love it because it makes me feel way grown-up and minimalist darling…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

silver lining - life in cmyk

spring green palette - life in cmyk


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Lots of Spring Love,

Eleanor Fay Nicholson AKA Life in CMYK x


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