Dazzling Blue

Hi guys.

I have been rambling on recently, about various things, and a couple of my blog posts have been really long. (Thanks for baring with!) So… I’m going to keep this one short!

I am in love with DAZZLING BLUE! It is one of Pantone’s spring colours for 2014

Interior design

Using dazzling blue alongside white will make it look absolutely electric. For a more industrial and relaxed approach, pair with mid-greys and strong textures such as concrete and hard wood.

Graphic design

Everyone one knows I’m a big fan of a chevron pattern and this cushion using dazzling blue is one of the best I’ve seen. To check out my cushion designs check out my portfolio.


Oh-my-word-this-colour-in-fashion!!! Absolutely stunning! I mean you can probably see from the image above it just sets of an outfit to the nth degree. I really don’t own as many electric blue garments as I would like, but who does? I’m not a billionaire. To satisfy our dazzling blue needs, here is my pinterest board of things, in an ideal world, I would be wearing everyday. COME TO MAMA.

Thanks for reading once again,

Eleanor Fay Nicholson aka Life in CMYK x


2 thoughts on “Dazzling Blue

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