Sea Urchin 1: Dulux Colour of the Year

It’s another colour of the year… but this time… it’s not Pantone, it’s DULUXTake a look at my Pinterest page for Sea Urchin 1 here!

Colour experts at Dulux have predicted the top trend for 2014, Teal. Unlike the Pantone colour of the year, Radiant Orchid, which is very feminine in my opinion, Sea Urchin 1, is a shade of teal which is a lot more versatile across the variants of design; fashion, interior, graphic and so on. Dulux state that this dark teal ‘perfectly combines the natural harmony of green with the tranquility of blue to symbolise balance [and you can] use it to transform the mood in any room.’

The Experts

Marianne Shillingford, whom i recently befriended on Twitter, is the creative director of Dulux and Rebecca Thompson is the Senior Colour and Design Manager at Dulux. . They suggest ‘Make[ing] a statement by contrasting Sea Urchin 1 with details of coral or delicate blush tones, mustard yellows and burnt orange

One of my favourite interior designers Abigail Ahern, uses this combination a lot, much to my enjoyment. Unlike the blurb that is normally attached to Pantone’s palettes, I find that the team at Dulux really connect the colour to reality in a relatable way! Fresh!

A Tale of Teal


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