Hemlock: A Colour for Spring 2014

Hemlock green is one of Pantone’s chosen colours for their Spring palette 2014. I never used to be a fan of pastel colours, surrounded by IOS and windows 8 designs, however, recently I find more and more beauty in mellow tints and shades, Hemlock being no exception.

Hemlock wool

[Hemlock wool]

The reason I show wool, is because I have recently starting following on instagram a company called Heartworking knitwear. It is brilliant, trust me.

hemlock green nail polishHemlock green hairHemlock Back Pack

[Hemlock hair, bag and nail varnish]

I honestly wish I was brave enough to dye my hair any pastel colour, what put’s me off is the upkeep, but this girl makes it look absolutely amazing; so on trend. Without going for the hair-do, a Hemlock backpack from American Apparel or pastel nails look great accompanying outfits and really pop against black.

pantone hemlockhemlock green swatch

[Hemlock  swatches]

hemlock print design cmyk Hemlock paint splat

[Hemlock used in graphic design]

Although using greens in CMYK (print) is notoriously limited in comparison to those used in RGB (display monitors), the business card above uses hemlock to portray their company very fashionably.

hemlock green light design

[Hemlock used in interior design]

As well as popping against black in fashion, hemlock green really does work with white in interior spaces, especially kitchens. This lampshade is soooo dreamyyyy…

4 thoughts on “Hemlock: A Colour for Spring 2014

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