Are you colour blind?

Normal    Deuteranope

I don’t know about you but my only experience of a colourblindness test was as a kid at school, I was shown a funny looking picture and asked if I could see the numbers…. Something like in one of my first posts ( but honestly it’s something we all should be doing as adults! There are some that won’t even realise they are colourblind until later life or….ever.

1 in 200 women (0.5%) are colourblind

1 in 12 men (8%) are colourblind (Ha Ha!)

This is because the gene for colour blindness is carried on the X chromosome.

There are loads of fancy names for different types of colour blindness so here I’m going to simplify:

TRICHROMAT – Full colour vision with all Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) cones present

ANOMALOUS TRICHROMAT – Full colour vision, either R, G or B is slightly defective. If red is defective it’s called protanomaly. If green is defective, it’s called deuteranomaly. If blue is defective, it’s called tritanomaly.

DICHROMAT – Only 2 cones from R, G, or B are present. If red is missing, it’s called protanopia. If green is missing it’s called deuteranopia. If blue is missing it’s called tritanopia.

MONOCHROMAT – Only 1 cone from R, G or B is present


There’s various websites and tools on the internet that help you to understand what’s going on here:

1.This is a fun little drag-and-drop self test, you never know…

2. This website lets you upload your own pictures and apply a colour blindness to see what they see!!

3. A great tool for graphic designers, this website lets you place any colour text on any colour background and what a colourblind person would see automatically pops up below so you can get figure out what a good universal colour combo is.

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