Little White Lies

Hello, CMYK-ers.

So, im in London for my internship over the Summer and what I’m seeing in trendy Shoreditch is WHITE WHITE AND WHITE. Im loving white accessories, necklaces and watches, to nail colour (mine are drying as we speak) and headphones. White clothing, playsuits and skirts are in including shoes. White makeup can be so effective and white interiors look so fresh this time of year.

After watching the Robin Thicke and Pharrell video i purchased a pair of bright white platform pumps they are sooooooo comfy. See the video here

As you can see I received an email from American Apparel advertising the whites they have in and what better place to stock up on staple plain white items for the summer. Heres the link

Also I see jelly gladiator sandals are in….. Lets go crazaaay for white!

If you like this post try yellow at

and plum at

6 thoughts on “Little White Lies

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    • I’m gonna head to brick lane and pettycoat lane today and see what’s happening!! Thank. I defs will do. Spital fields is on my walk to work x

  2. I was a bit worried of what version of Thicke’s video did you get inspiration from. Jokes apart white is THE color of summer, when you can make the best out of your tanning and play with colorful accessories…


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