Suck On These

Lemon Zest is one of the colours in Pantone’s 2013 Spring Palette (I know, I know it’s Summer but boohoo. Still making the most of it…). Whilst google-ing ‘lemon zest pantone’, technical i know, I stumbled across the first of many images of weddings based around this theme. HOW COOL IS THAT. Im guessing they would have to be based in California somewhere near where there are lemon orchards but they look fantastic! From cake-pops in yellow fondant and lemon sorbet to name cards made from cocktail sticks in lemons and yellow bouquets, I personally am in love with LEMON WEDDINGS.

In other uses, such as interior design and fashion, lemon is being used alongside bright whites with bold patterns this season. Its fresh, bold and unbeatably CUTE.

To get my blog post on the Full Spring Palette go to:

Blog post on Greyed Jade another colour from the spring palette

Below are the official images related to the Pantone 2013 Spring Palette.


3 thoughts on “Suck On These

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