Pantone Infographic


Pantone. My best friend. As we all know by now im pretty much in love with Pantone, their information and their products. This inforgraphic looks incredible but is it correct? No I wasn’t alive in the 60s, 70s and 80s but i know some of you were and so I need you to tell me if Pantone are correct about the feel of those eras in your opinion.

Also you’ll notice the rainbow of brands at the bottom there. Can you spot the brands in my posts and

And look at that social media bit as well….. Taylor Swift, taking over the world with ‘RED’.

5 thoughts on “Pantone Infographic

  1. How informative, whether accurate or not. I just remember the 80’s as spandex and Aquanet. Crazy times. I loved this infographic though for the simple explanations of color at the bottom. Neat find. Enjoyed it. Peace!

    • Well that’s what I thought as well from what I see on tv and in film and music videos. That’s why I asked the question you see. I’m gonna check the poll to see what others think. If you could share the post around a bit I would be so thankful. See if your friends think the same?


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