Got Plum? Its Berry good.


This colour is one of my absolute favourites, I can hardly get over it. When using plum and other darks such as petrol blue and Pantone’s colour of the year, emerald, as interior colours, I would suggest using bright whites for skirting, ceilings and even furniture and chandeliers. This gives a classic look and with dark wood floors, is almost unbeatably classy.

Within fashion, simple plum dresses look great for summer and again, with some sparkly white against it in the shape of some bright new pumps, you are ready for a walk in the summer sunshine. Don’t forget your fishtail plait.

Plum make-up looks very edgy as it’s quite dark so be careful. But be brave, go for it and rock some studs with a plain black knee length, long sleeve dress on the days of spring that still remind us of winter. Play with all black but with different textures such as mesh, velvet, leather and nylon.

10 thoughts on “Got Plum? Its Berry good.

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  2. love the colour and pics. you choose …
    just designed a bedroom and living room in plum with whites/greys and a shade of blush (very gatsby-esk) – but I am looking forward using it with stronger colours ..
    have a great day


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