You chose it. Grayed Jade.

finalgreyedjaaaaaaade copy 2

A few posts ago, ( ) I asked you which of the Pantone Spring Palette 2013 was your favourite. You chose ‘Grayed Jade’. I really do like how it’s being applied to fashion and textile, interior and homewares. Just behind it were Lemon Zest, Dusk Blue and Monaco Blue. Feel free to add your own vote if you’re a Life in CMYK blog newby; If the new votes swing the favourite i’ll be sure to do a similar post to update you.

4 thoughts on “You chose it. Grayed Jade.

  1. Love this, so pretty but really modern. Thanks for the follow, I’m a brand new blogger so it’s great to get some support! Your uni work looks amazing!

    • Yeah its, great isn’t it. Im thinking of posting more like this in conjunction with my project #pantonefloorboards on twitter and instagram. Hope you return to see them.


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