redyellowpascal-chameleon-disney-tangled-iphone4wallpaperlight bluedark blueย purple

If we’re talking about colour, which to be fair, is all i do (in a good way OBVS) chameleons are the masters!!! Here is a couple of videos I found on YouTube showing just how cool they are and what perfect brand characters they make for companies selling an aspect of colour within their products.


To mark this special occasion here are the top 5 facts about chameleons:

1.Half of the world’s chameleons live on Madagascar

2. They use colour change to show change in mood, temperature and light, to communicate and for defense.

3.Chameleons can see 2 things at a time with 360 vision

4.Chameleons tongues can be as long as their bodies

5. Chameleons can sleep upside down grabbing onto a branch.

AWESOME, DONE. So here’s the videos.


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