We Was Like Peas and Carrots Again.

So we all get the idea that I’m into Pantone by now. But not as much as this guy it seems. Artist David Schwen has taken swatch making to a whole new level with his take on displaying everyday food combinations. Check out his beautiful works of simplicity at http://www.instagram.com/dschwen. Definitely high on my inspiration list.

PantonePairings4PantonePairings1-630x630pantone-food-colour-swatches-1-630x419 pantone-food-colour-swatches-3-630x419 PantonePairings5 PantonePairings6 PantonePairings8 PantonePairings9 PantonePairings10 PantonePairings11

7 thoughts on “We Was Like Peas and Carrots Again.

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  2. This is fantastic idea. I love being inspired by things around us. Nature and our senses have a great way of detecting what goes together. Plus, it’ll give me an excuse to eat delicious looking things!


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