A New(ton) Rainbow.

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We all know that Pantone have picked emerald as their colour of the year but, oh no, they haven’t stopped there. They have now set out a new rainbow of colours we should be wearing this Spring. A group of ‘influencers’ consisting of celebrity makeup artists, stylists and fashion consultants have all contributed to producing this list. Why their influence is more important than others I don’t really know, they could all be simply stating what they themselves prefer, but we can all do that.

Another point to mention is how companies such as Pantone, Dulux and Crown all use emotional phrasing to describe each particular colour. To me, this does not make sense; my petrol blue may be different to yours (as I found whilst trying to figure out an on-trend colour for a dining room I was interior designing for) and that is no good for specification. I reckon using ‘lemon ice cream’ and ‘wind chime green’ are in place only to associate the brain with the nice things that just happen to be that particular colour. After all, who would buy ‘pukey green’?


3 thoughts on “A New(ton) Rainbow.

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  2. In the US the textile industry has vanished… And fashion cycles have sped up. Which plays havoc on lead times for production of product, packaging & overseas shipping of goods. Having a multi disciplinary team makes for a total fashion story… One that can be integrated & editorialized at various levels…
    Like wise in the interiors industry one must be able to cross merchandise flooring to draperies & accessories. These collaboration have been going on for decades… Even the baking industry wants to know what colors to use on cupcake wrappers & wedding cakes…

    The fanciful names are also part of marketing – a handle to describe the new (even if repackaged from last season!)… To help sell a fresh idea. Luckily all colors have numbers assigned. I even have an app that I can photograph anything & it will translate into paint colors … Note to self… See if Pantone has similar app… Would be handy!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to write that reply I appreciate it more than you know! There are lots of apps yes but how accurate are they?? That is part of my job as a colourist, to close the gap between colours seen with the eye, on screen and printed and come up with ways to communicate colour. Its fun and I for one am excited by how the same colours can be reinvented. 🙂


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